Once your family is complete

Anita, 35 (self-employed)

When I was 34 I had twins. For the first year, coping with the two of them was very stressful. As I was quite sure that I didn’t want any more children after the twins, I asked my gynaecologist’s advice as to what method of contraception would be best for me. I wanted something straightforward with as little hormone as possible. I never got on well with the pill.

My gynaecologist recommended Mirena®. She gave me a detailed description of how the hormonal coil works. That was very important for me. After thinking about it for a few days I had the hormonal coil fitted. I was a bit worried that it might hurt, but it didn’t. Afterwards I had some light spotting for a day or two. My periods soon stopped altogether. This simple method of contraception makes me feel liberated and I have no complaints.