The hormonal coil provides five years of safe contraception. Depending on your health insurance coverage, costs can be between zero and € 500,- if no reimbursement is provided. You may not have to pay if you have the hormonal coil  fitted on medical grounds, such as very long, heavy or frequent periods (menometrorrhagia) and some private health insurance companies may cover it.

There may be a high upfront cost which seem like a lot of money at first glance. But it is worth comparing with the cost of other forms of contraception: over the long five-year time-frame, the cost of a hormonal coil can be around €7 a month, if not reimbursed. This makes it much cheaper than many other forms of contraception (as you can see in the table). You may also save money on the cost of feminine hygiene products such as tampons or towels as your periods will be lighter or may stop altogether. Seen like that, the hormonal coil pays for itself after about three years (you should also take into account in your calculations the likelihood of breakthrough bleeding in the first few months).

Source GfK Healthcare, Menstruation und Monatshygiene, April 2007

(These calculations are based on costs in Germany)