Advantages of the hormonal coil

Women expect the optimal method of contraception to be highly effective, simple to use and well tolerated. Mirena® meets these criteria:

It’s as effective as sterilization. The hormonal coil offers very effective protection against unwanted pregnancy with a minimal, localised dose of hormones. There is no possibility of user-error – such as “I forgot” or “we didn’t think about contraception until it was too late”. Diarrhoea and sickness or changing time zones when travelling have no impact on the effectiveness of Mirena®.

It’s comfortable and you can’t feel it. With the hormonal coil, sex can be something spontaneous, un-interrupted, and free of worries about unwanted pregnancy. Once she’s had the Mirena® fitted, a woman doesn’t have to think about contraception again for another five years.

You can have it taken out at any time. For women/couples who want to be able to reliably prevent pregnancy for a certain amount of time, but do hope to have children in the near future, the hormonal coil has the advantage that it can be removed at any time and that pregnancy can then occur immediately.

It can be used while breastfeeding. As the only hormone in the Mirena® is a corpus luteum hormone, it can be used just 4-6 weeks after giving birth and while breastfeeding. Neither the composition nor the volume of breastmilk is affected.

It improves quality of life. Most women like having shorter and lighter periods with the Mirena®, and women usually find it liberating if their periods stop altogether. If the womb lining doesn’t thicken, the inside of the womb remains flat and empty and so there is no period. Many women like to know that in medical terms this is certainly nothing to worry about, and may even be something positive.

It is well tolerated and hormone doses are low. Hormonal coils are generally very well tolerated. The level of hormones in the blood is 20-100 times less than taking the pill and there are hardly any side-effects.