Switching to hormonal IUD

It is best to fit the Mirena®  during a period, because then the cervix will be slightly open, making insertion easier.

Until then, you should continue using the contraception you have been using up til now. For example, if you have been taking the pill, or using a contraceptive ring or the patch, then continue with this as normal. At the beginning of your period, you can have a Mirena® fitted by your specialist doctor.

After a miscarriage or surgical abortion in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy the Mirena® can be fitted immediately.

After giving birth you can have a Mirena® fitted 4-6 weeks later.

Your protection begins as soon as the hormonal coil has been fitted; there is no need to use any additional contraception.

When the Mirena® is being fitted in menopausal women receiving hormone replacement therapy, this can be done at any time, or during a withdrawal bleed if there are any..