Fitting a hormonal IUD (without it hurting)

The Mirena® is fitted by carefully inserting it through the vagina and the cervix into the womb. The cervix is a very strong muscle that closes the womb. Pushing through the cervix can be painful, and women react to this very differently. In women who have already given birth (vaginally) at least once, the cervix is usually a little open, so a Mirena® can be fitted without any pain. Particularly in women who have not yet given birth (vaginally), it is makes sense to prevent any possible pain. There are various ways of doing this: by giving a drug before the fitting to make the cervix open a little by itself (Prostaglandin or Mifepriston) or a local anaesthetic applied to the cervix. In certain cases a short general anaesthetic is also an option.

You should discuss this aspect of the fitting with your doctor beforehand.