Hormonal IUD for young women

Anna, 19 (student)

I’ve been using the Mirena hormonal coil since June 2010. Before that I’d been taking the pill for two years, but I stopped because I was getting dreadful mood swings and had put on weight… with the coil that’s got about 80% better.

A friend of mine told me that young women like me could have a coil fitted too.

I was a little scared before the fitting. But by gynaecologist gave me some tablets beforehand to stop the pain. What hurt the most was the stretching of the womb, the actual fitting of the coil I couldn’t feel at all. A few hours after the fitting I felt something like period pain, but after that nothing at all.

Since having it fitted I’ve not had another period at all, which I’m really happy about it.

For me it is the most comfortable and safest method of contraception, and when you work it out over five years, it’s the cheapest too. I’m really glad I decided to go for it.