Young women who have not had children

The Mirena® hormonal coil is a very sensible choice for young women who have not had children. A hormonal coil can be fitted as soon as the womb has reached a certain size, which is normally after puberty. There are many young women who use the hormonal coil because they can’t use other methods. Using a reliable and comfortable method of contraception means that sex can be enjoyed spontaneously without having to worry and the prospect of lighter, less painful periods – or no periods at all – is seen as another plus side. Mirena® does not have any beneficial effect on the skin, in fact skin usually becomes a little less clear. For that reason, the hormonal coil is not the first choice for women with a tendency for acne.

Earlier suggestions that coils might cause an increase in infections or have a negative effect on fertility could not be substantiated in trials. Moreover, it was shown that the risk of an ascending infection was lower in young women fitted with the hormonal coil than in women with a copper coil.

Young women are sometimes put off the idea of the coil because they are scared that having it fitted will hurt. Ask your doctor for a medical preparation of the cervix or a local anaesthetic. Taking prostaglandins (two tablets of Cytotec®/Cyprostol®) one hour before the coil is fitted will ensure that the cervix is soft and stretchy and that the coil can be fitted painlessly.