When your family is complete

Most couples want about two children. That means that after having their second child, many women/couples consider their family complete, which raises the question of long-term and reliable contraception. At this stage of life, women commonly have another ten to twenty fertile years ahead of them, so they need contraception that is highly effective, practical and uncomplicated. One option is sterilization – a once-and-for-all solution to the matter of contraception. However, if the woman or the man later decides they do want a(nother) child, this is only rarely possible. Reversals are often unsuccessful. Many women and men are uncomfortable with the finality of sterilization, and never quite get round to making the doctor’s appointment. It is not unusual for an unwanted pregnancy to occur at this time.

Sterilization in women and men is a very effective form of contraception, although it is not 100 per cent reliable. Over one year, five out of every 1000 sterilized women will get pregnant.

For women at the “my family is complete” stage of life and love, the hormonal coil offers the great advantage that it can be removed at any time if they should change their minds and decide they want a bigger family after all. Pregnancy can occur as soon as the coil is removed. The hormonal coil is so effective that it is even more reliable than sterilization: with Mirena®, only two women in 1000 become pregnant in one year. Many women find their periods become lighter or stop altogether, which they see as a big advantage. That helps to explain why in recent years many women have opted for a Mirena® coil instead of sterilization.

Mirena® hormonal coil Sterilization
Effectivness 2 women in 1000 will get pregnant in a year 5 women in 1000 will get pregnant in a year
Possible to have (more) children later on?

Yes, it can be taken out at any time Decision is final; reversal operations rarely successful
Lighter and less painful periods

Yes No
Risk from operation No Yes
Costs: Depending on the coverage by the health insurance Up to € 500.- to € 600 if you have to pay everything yourself Up to € 800.- if you have to pay everything yourself