Hormonal IUD after having a baby

Sybille, 32 years old (married with two children: thirteen years and three months).

Hormonal contraception was generally something I always had trouble with, because I didn’t get on with either the pill or the contraceptive ring. When I was on the pill, and when I was using the ring, my appetite changed and as a result I put on weight. Before we decided to have our second child we had been using condoms – but we always felt uncomfortable about it because we were well aware that condoms are not the most reliable method of contraception. Naturally, that had an effect on our sex life. It was much less spontaneous. Two days after my daughter was born, the gynaecologist in the hospital asked me what kind of contraception I would be using. Because of my negative experience with the pill, she initially suggested a copper coil – but then two friends of mine told me that they had got pregnant despite having a copper coil fitted, and then I wasn’t sure. Our final decision to go for the hormonal coil was made at the doctor’s surgery, after the gynaecologist had shown us both coils and explained again about their safety and effectiveness. What convinced us in the end was just how safe the Mirena is.

The fitting, four weeks after giving birth, was as promised completely painless. Afterwards I had some light bleeding for two weeks, but since then I haven’t had any more bleeding at all.

I haven’t had any problems with breastfeeding and although there’s not much time for sex when you’re looking after a new baby, at least it’s now hassle-free. I really like having the certainty that I won’t get pregnant again, because two children are enough for us.